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    Keep a diary

    Review or keep a diary of what you have saved or what benefits you see. Like a smoker putting the price of his cigarettes in a jar. Likewise be it the €2.50 saved by not buying a fancy frappuccino every morning, write down how much money you saved either from major changes we identify at your annual review or how much you save yourself. I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at how much you save.


    Implement the changes!

    If there are immediate savings to be made avail of them. Don’t continue to over pay for your services and products where the same item is available cheaper.

    Work at it try, to make small changes in your spending habits regularly. Set a goal of implementing two money saving tips a month. See our top tips section where each month we will add at least two new ones! Alternatively find or learn your own by checking the Internet or reading the money section in your newspaper, there everywhere lately some good some bad. Follow us on twitter to get our top tips. Focus on making just two money tips a habit every month or so and watch the pennies mount.



    Achieve goals

    To achieve financial goals identified at the review stage we need to set ourselves targets. It’s easier to save money when there are compelling reasons to save money! Why do you want to save money? What are your financial goals?


    Carry out a review

    Carry out a comprehensive review of your finances. We all know there are problem areas and keep meaning to do something about it. Research shows those who actively manage their finances tend to be more successful. You don’t need to be wealthy to have a financial review but chances are you never will be if you don’t.

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