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Good financial sense rarely comes easy so we all need a little help to get started! So with that in mind we here at fixmyfinances.ie have put together a suite of products to help you get your personal finances in shape and keep them that way...

Money Makeover

For most of personal financial planning will be about ensuring expenditure doesn’t exceed income. Once this is established we can then turn toward longer-term objectives and goals.

Spending Profiling

While the Internet is full of free budget sheets and planners the ability and diligence to actually implement and achieve real savings is never provided. Unfortunately this is labour intensive service and incurs a charge.

However we have found a growing number of our customers have asked us to provide this service so with this in mind we have assembled an absolutely world class premium package contact us today for details.

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Tax Attack

Imagine having your very own tax advisor on hand for all your PAYE issues, someone to provide advice and tips and more to even claim your medical benefits, service charges and or pension or income protection contributions. In fact we will start with a balancing statement for the last 4 years. Anytime throughout the year you can ask taxation matters without the huge costs involved with an accountant for a very low price.

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Small Print Checker

Over the years we have been inundated with people whose pensions or investments have came up short or indeed been plain rubbish.

Why you ask? They failed to check the small print!

This is true with almost all documents we sign, us humans tend to trust the person in front of us, usually forgetting that they are only trying to sell.

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