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    Nowadays, (thankfully!) we are living longer than ever before, and that means you want to be able to enjoy life beyond the standard retirement age of 65 years.

    The reality is, surviving on the state pension alone, for many people, will enable just that, ‘surviving’, and it can be very difficult. Even though it may seem a long way off, the reality is, the earlier you do something about your pension the better and more comfortable your retirement will be – and it doesn’t have to be difficult!

    We offer a range of pensions that are tax-efficient now, and take the strain out of providing for a comfortable future in your retirement.

    Click here to to visit the Pensions Board's Pensions Calculator, which allows you to estimate how much you should be contributing to ensure adequate pensions coverage in retirement.

    What next?

    Pension planning is crucial to ensure you can continue to enjoy prosperity in later life. We highly recommend you contact us for a one on one review of your retirement needs because we at fixmyinances.ie we offer a unrivalled professional service offering impartial advice on how to plan for your future. To arrange a no-obligation pension review contact us.

    Top 5 Reasons to take out a Pension:

    • You receive a high rate of tax relief on your total contributions
    • You can make additional contributions to your fund at any time
    • You can transfer between funds
    • You can take up to 25% of your fund as a tax free lump sum
    • You can retire anytime between age 60 and 75

    What Pension Plan suits me?

    What type of pension suits you depends highly on your employment status.

    Personal Pension Plans (expand)

    If you are self-employed or working as a sole trader, you can have a personal pension plan to provide you with financial security when you retire with the benefit of immediate financial reward - every euro you save reduces your income tax bill.

    Executive Pension Plans (expand)

    An effective retirement planning tool that enables business owners, company directors and key employees to plan for their retirement in a tax efficient manner.

    Company Pension Plans (expand)

    In a company pension plan your employer must pay at least one-sixth of the total amount into your pension plan with you. Your employer will get tax relief on this money paid in for you, making it a very tax efficient way to reward employee's loyalty.

    Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) (expand)

    If you are in a company pension plan and would like to increase your retirement benefits to get a better pension you can make 'Additional Voluntary Contributions' with your employer's permission.

    Approved Retirement Funds (expand)

    With an Approved Retirement Fund you manage and control your pension fund after retirement. You can make withdrawals at any time, subject to the terms of your chosen investment option. These withdrawals are liable to income tax.

    Sometimes people find pensions daunting, as they don't really understand them or how they work! Here, we try to de-mystify pensions by avoiding getting too technical and by giving you information which should help you with your pension planning. We are so confident that we can offer you te best pension that free guide on pensions.

    Its crucial that you understand how much of your contribution is actually allocated to your pension fund as a bad pension can have devastating affect on your retirement.

    Call today don’t leave it to chance for the best deals available contact us.