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Do you know?

Do you know we spend more of our money on financial products than anything else combined, yet we don’t take the time to learn and more often than not we end up with the wrong product and usually paying too much.

So what can I do to change this?

The answer is simple and I bet you’ve heard that a hundred times a free financial review

But I don’t have any spare money?

First of all it’s free and if your budget is tight it’s all the more reason you should have a review

Who should avail of a review?

In essence just about everybody, from 18 to 80 working or retired or indeed redundant we can help you control your finances.

Don’t let financial advice be daunting we are here to help. As a customer of fixmyfinances.ie here are 5 things we promise you

  1. We will never charge you a fee for advice

  2. We will always provide you with a jargon free service

  3. We will only recommend products you require

  4. We will review you finances at least once a year

  5. We will ensure the price you pay is the cheapest available

Top Tips

  • Free software?
    Don’t pay for software where there is a free version or similar product that will do the same job available. Check out www.download.com where you can pick up lots of free software and games an excellent site where each product is rated and only selecting the free licence ones. Check out if any software is safe before downloading by using McAfee Site Advisor www.siteadvisor.com its free to.

More Tips...

Fix my Finances

We could all do with a financial makeover every so often if only for reassurance were getting value for, in the current economic environment that’s never been truer... If you were unwell you would visit a doctor yet most of us are financially ‘sick’ for years without taking any cure!

What’s a financial review?

A financial review is exactly as it sounds a review of your finances. It is designed to establish the relationship between what you earn and spend. Show you where you may be over paying for services and help you budget better in the future.

What does it involve?

Initially we sit down and complete a fact find, which lets us understand a little about you and your existing finances. Based on this we will compile a report outlining where we see room for improvement and identify savings for you.

Sounds Expensive how much does it cost?

Nothing it’s free and what’s more it’s free each year thereafter.

What’s in it for you?

As we said at the outset we believe you should not be charged for information and advice that’s freely available. Instead by helping you to access that information in an open and transparent manner you will reward us with a shot at you business?

What no hard sell?

Nope we earn commission we don’t need to charge you also.

Ok, but will it cost me more because you get commission?

In short no, almost all products that you require don’t involve any additional costs to you. That put simply means if you bought them direct from the company they would cost the same. In fact by using a broker you get choice and better value for money and almost always better deals.

How long does it take and where?

About an hour and preferably in your own home or in our offices whichever suits?

Do I need to prepare?

To maximise the benefit to you and ensure we have all the relevant data to better help you we ask you have 6 months current account bank statement and details of all existing savings, policies, pension plans etc

Is it confidential?

Completely: see our terms of business